The Difference Between Overly Planning and Not Planning Your Days at the Parks

Okay, well first of all, I am an extreme planner. I plan my daughters’ birthday parties months in advance, and I do the same with my Disney vacations. So, I would never go to the parks without being prepared, but if you are that type of person, then we’ll go from there. On our last trip I had everything planned out, from the moment we left the resort in the morning to the moment we left the park at night. I think it was a little too much on everyone else, so next time I am going to be a little less eager with my planning. We are even going to have one “chill” day at the Boardwalk and Disney Springs.  I do highly suggest you at least try to plan your day somewhat, for example your Fastpass+ or where you want to eat, or your day will probably just be all scattered and you will just end up wandering around and wasting time.

First of all, the dining reservations start 180 days before your trip, so you have to decide then which park you want to go to on which day (unless you get the hopper pass of course). So, if you want to eat at Be our Guest for breakfast on Monday morning, then you need to plan to start off your day at Magic Kingdom then go from there.

When you are within your 60 day window, you can start planning your Fastpass+. Start with the most popular: Frozen Ever After, Seven Dwarf’s Mine Train, Kilimanjaro Safari, Soarin’, etc. Once you get your Fastpass+, then you can start planning out your day. I reserved the most popular Fastpass+ in the morning because the lines are usually shortest in the morning.

If you do not plan your day through, you can still have a wonderful experience in the parks. There are many amazing quick service restaurants,  and even some snacks are big enough to  be considered a meal. If you are not staying at a Disney resort, you do get Fastpass+, but you can reserve them 30 days out, not 60 days from your vacation.

Like I said, I am just a huge planner and I wanted both my husband and both of my daughters’ first trips to be more memorable than ever, so I did my research. I even looked on all the maps several times to see where everything was so that I could make sure that our first ride would be next to our second ride and next to our breakfast, etc.

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