Okay First Timers, Let’s Chat

Here’s a few things you need to keep in mind before you head to the happiest place on Earth:

  1. Make sure you have some comfortable shoes! I’m not talking about heels that match your outfit or sparkly dress-up shoes for the kids, I mean some good, comfortable tennis shoes. You will be walking, A LOT! Your feet will be tired. You want to make sure they don’t have blisters from your shoes as well. Which brings me to another point, you might want to pack some blister guards just in case you need them from walking so much. If you happen to buy some new shoes and socks before your trip, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to walk around in them a good bit before you do all that walking in Disney, so that you don’t get a blister.
  2. I know that most of you probably have a list of things that you will want to do once you get to the parks, I know I did!  My list was almost two pages long! What I have learned is, it is a good idea to make your list, and then prioritize it.  You will probably not be able to do half of the things you would like to do, depending on how heavy the crowds are, so keep that in mind. You don’t want to go into the parks and waste time not knowing what to do or where to go. If you do happen to go on a day that isn’t too crowded and you get to do most everything that you would like to do, then great.
  3. Take plenty of pictures! My kids got so tired of taking pictures with me, but now that we are home they absolutely love looking at all of their pictures from our trip. So, take pictures so that you can remember your wonderful vacation.
  4. I can’t say this enough, hydrate hydrate hydrate! That Florida sun beats down so heavily, especially during the summer, so you need to keep pumping those fluids. Take breaks if you need to as well. If you get too hot or too tired, go back to the room and rest, you can always go back to the park later. You can’t see everything in one day anyway. Rather be well rested for the next day than be sick and not be able to do anything the next day.
  5. Pack your sunscreen! Lather it up before you arrive at the parks, then make sure you reapply throughout the day. Also, pack a poncho. Weather is so unpredictable. We were lucky enough to go all 5 days with clear skies, but it did rain for about 15 minutes while we were inside at a character meet and great and our stroller got wet! So, pack sunscreen and a poncho, just in case!

Until Next Time,


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I am a mom to two little girls and one furry little girl, a loving wife to an amazing and supportive husband to my Disney addiction, a Disney Vacation Club member, and a lover of anything Halloween!

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