The Memory Maker. What it is and Why You Should Get it At Least Once.

The memory maker: cast members take photos of you and your family members during your trip and you purchase the package (preferably before your trip because it is cheaper). I highly recommend you purchase this, at least once, for these reasons:

  1. If you are a parent who constantly has their phone or camera in their hand, like I do, and misses out on all the fun because you are too busy capturing the moment, you may want to consider purchasing the memory maker so that you can enjoy yourself while in Disney.
  2. You will want to be in some on the photos. You don’t want to be the one taking all of the pictures.
  3. You want your whole group in the pictures too.
  4. It’s the cutest thing when they catch your child’s reaction the first time they meet their favorite character.
  5. The cast members can do some pretty neat tricks with their cameras. When we took our picture in front of the castle, the cast  member made it look as though my daughter was holding Tinkerbell in her hands.
  6. In case anything ever happens to your phone or camera and you lose all of your pictures, you will have all of the ones from the memory maker… As we were walking out of the Magic Kingdom on our very last day my husband dropped his phone screen down and we couldn’t turn it back on. Our pictures from our breakfast at Be Our Guest were gone. I was devastated! We didn’t have pictures from the memory maker at Be Our Guest, but we were lucky enough to have the ones in front of the castle that morning because we purchased the memory maker.
  7. All of the pictures taken on the rides, such as Frozen Ever After and The Mine Train, are on the memory maker.
  8. The cast members will take pictures with your camera or phone if you ask them, no charge,  but their photos always come out so much better because they have a high quality camera.

So, in my opinion, the memory maker is the way to go, at least once. It is $170 if you purchase before your trip and $200 if you purchase during or after your trip. (2018 prices)

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I am a mom to two little girls and one furry little girl, a loving wife to an amazing and supportive husband to my Disney addiction, a Disney Vacation Club member, and a lover of anything Halloween!

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