Okay, so let’s talk about those pesky old things. Well, you get your Magic Bands, that has all your information stored in them. It’s your room key (if you are staying on grounds), your dining plan, your ticket into the park, and your fastpass+! So, if you are staying on grounds you can start making fastpass+ reservations 60 days before you arrive. You get three reservations per person per day. Now, while at the parks, after you use your three reservations, you can find a cast member and add more reservations on, but that is not guaranteeing that you will be able to get which fastpass+ reservation you will want. Also, if you have the hopper pass and you want to park hop, you will only be able to make fastpass+ reservations for one park, not multiple, in one day. Yes, it may sound confusing, or maybe I am making it confusing. Sorry, if I am. It really isn’t once you figure out how to work it.

So, things you should fastpass+

  • Rollercoasters- if you are a ride person, figure out which rides you definitely want to ride, prioritize and set a time. You have exactly one hour until your fastpass+ runs out, so if your FP+ is for 12-1, you better be in line by 12:58 to swipe your band.
  • Shows- The Festival of the Lion King and the Finding Nemo shows at Animal Kingdom are breathtaking. Those are the only two shows that you might need FP+ for. I got them for those two and for Disney JR Live on stage, but really, depending on what time of year you go, you might not even need them. The theaters are so big and they pack everyone in so tightly, you can probably just go in the standby entrance and be fine.
  • Enchanted Tales with Belle – Super cute! You get to be part of the experience while meeting Belle herself. It is a small group of people and they try to get all of the kids involved, so try to get a FP+ if you can, and if you love Belle of course.
  • Fantasmic! – Hollywood Studios – oh you definitely cannot miss this! It is amazing. Fireworks on the water with Mickey and the villains and floats and boats. The lower you are the better you can see, so get those FP+
  • Character meet and greets – we only got one FP+ and were fine. The lines are usually at least 30 minutes long depending on what time of year you go, and how crowded the parks are, but the lines usually move pretty quickly. We got FP+ to meet the talking Mickey in Townsquare Theater in Magic Kingdom. It was definitely worth it. Keep in mind also, that if you want to meet a character and the line is long, you can ask what time they will come back after their break (they usually take about a 30-45 minute break) and then you can just come back and be one of the first people in line and meet them then if you REALLY want to.
  • The rides I would suggest would be Mine Train, Star Tours, Splash Mountain, Space Mountain, Everest, Frozen Ever After, and Kilimanjaro Safari.

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I am a mom to two little girls and one furry little girl, a loving wife to an amazing and supportive husband to my Disney addiction, a Disney Vacation Club member, and a lover of anything Halloween!

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