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I am sure, if you are anything like me, and if you are reading this blog, you are doing your research. But just in case, here are a few restaurants I am going to recommend to you. If anyone has anything to add, feel free! I know most people will know of Cinderella’s Royal Table (which I have yet to go to, and the food sounds amazing) and of course Be Our Guest, because who wouldn’t want to dine at a castle? But here are a few I am going to suggest.

  • Le Cellier – Canada Pavilion in the world showcase (Epcot) – my husband and I went here for our anniversary, the first night we arrived. The food was amazing! It is a steakhouse, and I am not a big meat eater, but oh my! Delicious! It does take two Table Service credits per person though, so if you are on the dining plan, you will use up four Table Service credits in one day, unless you share of course, just keep that in mind. I highly recommend the filet with mushroom risotto and the creme brulee for dessert!
  • Supercalifragalistic Breakfast at 1900 Park Fare – Grand Floridian – such an amazing character breakfast (buffet) with a lot of different things to eat. The best (in my opinion) eggs benedict ever! It’s a huge buffet with things for both kids and adults at such a beautiful hotel and you meet Tigger, Pooh, the Mad Hatter, Mary Poppins, and at the end you can meet Alice. We went for breakfast, but for dinner Cinderella, Prince Charming, Lady Tremaine, and the Step Sisters are there. I am not sure what the dinner menu is like, but I am sure it is just as wonderful.
  • Cape May Cafe – Beach Club Resort – now this one is neat. I’m not sure if many people know about this one, so to me this is special. We took a bus to Hollywood Studios then walked 1.5 miles along the lake (which was really pretty) then to the beach club. We had again, a different breakfast with crepes, salads, eggs, Mickey waffles, and more. A huge buffet for both kids and adults. Minnie, Goofy, and Donald were in their surfing gear, and the kids got to walk around the restaurant and “surf” with Goofy. This one also had a bloody mary and mimosa bar for breakfast, hint hint, moms and dads πŸ˜‰ and they also have dinner, but I am not sure if the characters are there for dinner. Oh, another great thing about this, you can enter Epcot (the world showcase actually) through the back with NO lines.. so what I would suggest is eating at Cape May for breakfast then walking to the world showcase via the boardwalk and having an Epcot day.
  • 50’s Prime Time Cafe – Hollywood Studios – This is MY dad’s favorite. We went there ten years ago, and we had to go back this time. It’s an old fashioned diner where all the waiters and waitresses act like your moms/dads aunts/uncles. They call everyone cousin or call themselves aunt or uncle. It’s really cute. The portions are HUGE and you definitely get your money’s worth. They make sure you eat your food before you get your dessert too, even if that means FEEDING you!! That’s right. They fed my 4-year-old two bites of corn.. It’s okay, she didn’t mind. They make sure you use your manners, and keep your elbows off the table too! So, if you don’t think you can put up with that kind of thing, or don’t like human interaction, (because they WILL sit next to you and tell you their WHOLE life story) then this is not the restaurant for you!
  • Cinderella’s Royal Table – Magic Kingdom – character meal – I have yet to go there, so I do not have much to say about this. I am hoping to be able to get a reservation for my next trip. You have to get your reservations in right at your 180 days for this one because it books up QUICKLY and it is two table services per person per meal, but I think it may be worth it.
  • Hollywood and Vine – Hollywood Studios – character meal – This one is a hit and miss. We went for the kids. It was fun because it was my daughters’ first time, but my youngest (14 months) screamed at every character, my 4-year-old loved them all. The food was a buffet, Mickey waffles, scrambled eggs, bacon, hashbrown casserole, sausage, and grits. The characters were Doc McStuffins, Jake, Handy Manny, and Sofia. You can meet some of those characters outside in the animation courtyard throughout the day, but if you don’t want to wait in line, this is your best bet because the characters come to your table to see you, but the food wasn’t the best.. but it was for the kids. So, it really depends on what you want to do.
  • Be Our Guest – Magic Kingdom – We went for breakfast, so we didn’t get to see the Beast, nor did we get to eat the grey stuff (I hear it’s delicious πŸ˜‰ ), but I could only get a breakfast reservation, so that is when we went. Now, keep in mind, breakfast and lunch is only a quick service, while dinner is a table service credit. When we arrived we dashed over to sit in the “West Wing” because we heard it was really cool to sit there (which it is). It is also really dark, and it thunders and the Beast growls.. So, we had to move because my 4-year-old was really scared. The whole place is beautiful though. There are three different areas to sit. It is a huge place! Now, keep in mind, it is different food, no chicken nuggets, my daughter got oatmeal for breakfast and ended up not eating it.. I guess it was different. So, before you make reservations make sure your whole family is going to eat something off the menu (it is not a buffet). That goes for any restaurant. That is why we ended up not making reservations at Akershus. I didn’t think my family would eat there, but then again, yours might. (BTW, if you eat at Be Our Guest for breakfast, try the croque madame. It’s delicious!) .. I love breakfast food, if you can’t tell.
  • Yak & Yeti – Animal Kingdom – OMG I can’t believe I almost forgot this one! Absolutely delicious. Try the potstickers. Just try everything. It’s so good. I mean you have to like Asian food I guess. The pineapple upside down cake for dessert, that is a must!
  • The Plaza – Magic Kingdom – Now, I haven’t eaten here, but I have read about it and it looks delicious. I have added it to my list for my next visit.
  • Tiffins – Animal Kingdom – This is another one I have yet to try, but I hear it is delicious!
  • Tusker House Restaurant – Animal Kingdom – Is there a pattern going on here? Animal Kingdom is stepping up it’s game here. I haven’t tried this one either. It is a character meal, breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The food looks fantastic, as well as the atmosphere.


If anyone has anything to add, leave it in the comments!! πŸ™‚

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