The Difference Between Overly Planning and Not Planning Your Days at the Parks

Okay, well first of all, I am an extreme planner. I plan my daughters’ birthday parties months in advance, and I do the same with my Disney vacations. So, I would never go to the parks without being prepared, but if you are that type of person, then we’ll go from there. On our lastContinue reading “The Difference Between Overly Planning and Not Planning Your Days at the Parks”

Okay First Timers, Let’s Chat

Here’s a few things you need to keep in mind before you head to the happiest place on Earth: Make sure you have some comfortable shoes! I’m not talking about heels that match your outfit or sparkly dress-up shoes for the kids, I mean some good, comfortable tennis shoes. You will be walking, A LOT!Continue reading “Okay First Timers, Let’s Chat”

Need a Break from the Parks?

Do you need a break from the theme parks? Do you want to just relax and not run around catching ride after ride, or chase the crowds around? Well, here are a few other things you can do. Water parks: yes, they are still considered parks, but they may not be as crowded as theContinue reading “Need a Break from the Parks?”

Traveling with Little Ones

First of all, it will always be a BLAST traveling with a young one, no matter if you are flying or driving, right?! ­čÖé In our case, we drove 10 1/2 hours (more like 12 with stops) with a 4- year-old and a 14-month-old. We left at 4:30 in the morning, thinking they would goContinue reading “Traveling with Little Ones”

Changes to Disney World in 2017

New Princess Breakfast:┬áStarting April 2, 2017 there will be a new character breakfast at Trattoria Al Forno on the Boardwalk. Special guests will be Eric and Ariel and Rapunzel and Flynn. I personally cannot wait to try this one out! Rope Drop Changes in Magic Kingdom:┬áInstead, rope drop is at the entrances to the individualContinue reading “Changes to Disney World in 2017”

Just a few tips

Bring Cash.┬á It’s always good to have a few dollars on you, but especially for circumstances such as this. While we were in the hotel, my 14-month-0ld had an “accident” all over the bed we were sharing. ­čśŽ So, “mousekeeping” got a few extra dollars for that mess. It’s always nice to leave them aContinue reading “Just a few tips”


Okay, so let’s talk about those pesky old things. Well, you get your Magic Bands, that has all your information stored in them. It’s your room key (if you are staying on grounds), your dining plan, your ticket into the park, and your fastpass+! So, if you are staying on grounds you can start makingContinue reading “FastPass+”

Recommended Table Services

I am sure, if you are anything like me, and if you are reading this blog, you are doing your research. But just in case, here are a few restaurants I am going to recommend to you. If anyone has anything to add, feel free! I know most people will know of Cinderella’s Royal TableContinue reading “Recommended Table Services”