Traveling with Little Ones

First of all, it will always be a BLAST traveling with a young one, no matter if you are flying or driving, right?! 🙂 In our case, we drove 10 1/2 hours (more like 12 with stops) with a 4- year-old and a 14-month-old. We left at 4:30 in the morning, thinking they would go right back to sleep, once we got them in the car. Boy, were we wrong! They stayed awake singing, screaming, talking, until after we stopped for lunch then they both finally knocked out!! Anyway, what I’m trying to get to is, pack toys, lots of toys and snacks while traveling.

Our travel list (food)

  • Breakfast (they had waffles when they first woke up at 4:30!)
  • Waters
  • Apple sauce pouches
  • Cheese sticks
  • Candy
  • Multigrain bars
  • Goldfish
  • Ritz bits

As far as toys go

  • Magna doodles (bring 1 for each child!)
  • We have a DVD player in the car, so we watched movies
  • Tablets
  • Coloring/mess free marker books
  • Stuffed animals/loveys/blankets
  • If you have a baby and you also have an empty wipes container, it is a good idea to put small toys inside the container (it’s even better if they are Disney toys) so they can put their hand through the hole and fish out the fun stuff. It will keep them occupied. Even my 4-year-old loved it.

And hope they eventually fall asleep and stay asleep!! 🙂

Now, since the souvenirs in the parks tend to be just a tad on the expensive side, what we did is we brought a bag for each girl (a Disney tote bag) and put it next to the TV when the girls weren’t looking. It was a “gift from Tinkerbell”. So, they each got a few presents that we brought from home that weren’t nearly as expensive as they would be in the parks. They were a Minnie Mouse, Snow White Barbie, autograph books, Minnie Mouse cup, and a Belle cup. Of course they each got to pick a few things in the parks, but they didn’t want everything they set their eyes on.

While packing my kids’ clothes, I put each days’ worth of clothes in a ziptop bag and labeled it: Sunday Magic Kingdom, Monday Animal Kingdom, Extra clothes, etc. with each child’s name on each bag so that in the morning while getting dressed I wouldn’t be throwing clothes around looking for what I had packed for which day. Also, in your park bag, make sure you bring extra clothes for the kids because, well accidents happen. Food gets spilled, potty accidents happen for little ones, weather changes, and  Splash Mountain happens! 😉 Surprisingly my baby only needed her extra clothes on the first day because I had her in pants and it was way too hot for that

Another good tip about traveling with young ones, the lines will be long, especially during the busy season. So, pack things that can keep them occupied during those times. We packed bubbles, Dory and Nemo suckers that spin, small coloring and marker books that will fit in the backpack, and snacks. For the fireworks it is a good idea to pack either glow in the dark bracelets, necklaces, or wands. You can get all of these things at the Dollar Store instead of spending a fortune on them in Disney.

On Hot Days: If you are going during the summer and you bring a stroller, please please please bring a stroller fan. You can get the Dreambaby stroller fan from Amazon for $10. We went in October, and just so happened to bring two stroller fans for our double stroller, “just in case” it was hot. Thankfully we did. It was probably almost 95 degrees every day. Our girls were sweating so badly! Also, make sure you bring extra batteries. The batteries run out every day, if not twice a day, because you will be running that baby all day long. Trust me, you do not want to buy a $15 spritzer fan in WDW, and if you have more than one child, you will be buying more than one.

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