Just a few tips

Bring Cash. 

  1. It’s always good to have a few dollars on you, but especially for circumstances such as this. While we were in the hotel, my 14-month-0ld had an “accident” all over the bed we were sharing. 😦 So, “mousekeeping” got a few extra dollars for that mess. It’s always nice to leave them a little extra though, especially if you leave a giant mess, they might even leave you a little something extra in return, like towels in the shape of animals or extra soaps, etc.
  2. If you have the dining plan, tip is not included, you will need to tip your waiters/waitresses at the restaurants, so bring cash for that as well.
  3. You can always buy souvenirs with a credit card, but their are little things, such as a pressed penny, that will only be about 51 cents, so bring some change if you are interested. Those are the best, and cheapest types of souvenirs.

Dining Plan

  1. There are a few things, like the famous nutella waffle at sleepy hollow in magic kingdom, that will cost a whole quick service credit, but only costs $7. You are better off just paying for cheap things like that out of pocket. Save your quick service credits for an actual quick service meal, unless of course you trying to get rid of them because you aren’t using them. Then, of course, it’s okay.
  2. I have been looking and looking for the Free Dining Plan, to try to get it in January. Seems as though the free dining promotion comes around the fall months. It usually is announced in July, and comes out around August, November, and December. for some reason, not so much in October. For example, this was 2016:
    • August 23 through October 1
    • November 15 through 21
    • November 26 through 28
    • December 10 through 21
  3. You can book your vacation before you find out about free dining, in hopes that you booked it in the time of the free dining, only having to put down the $200 deposit. Then, when the free dining comes out, if you want to change your dates, or resort for a better dining package, you can without penalty, as long as you are still within the month window, but just remember, if you have already booked dining reservations, such as Cinderella’s Royal Table, it might be hard for you to cancel and get them on another date.

Until Next Time,


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